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Top Ten Reasons to Attend a College Admissions Boot Camp

10. Your parents won't nag you because they'll know you're getting your applications done!

9. Come fall, all of your friends will envy you - your applications done, your main essay written, your list complete.

8. You won't do it alone. Your camp class will be a small and supportive group - you go through it together in class and communicate through a group chat afterwards.

7. Someone will proofread everything you do! What a relief!

6. You will work with experienced and qualified professionals. You may not know if your essay topic is good or if you have a shot at getting into your dream school, but they do.

5. You'll have time during the summer to complete your writing supplements. After camp you have three or more weeks left to finish additional essays.

4. You can take advantage of early and rolling deadlines. This may increase your chances of getting in!

3. You'll have a resume you can use over and over again - to get a job, apply for an internship, etc.

2. You'll have access to our "Life After Boot Camp" online modules that will walk you through the stuff you need to do after you pick schools, fill out your app and write your essay.

1. You can enjoy senior year! You have worked hard through the first three years of high school. You deserve to have fun during the fall of 12th grade! Applications are a huge time suck so get them out of the way before fall arrives!

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