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"We were surprised by how much college admissions had changed since we went to school! With Kate's guidance, we were able to create a list of great schools that met our son's wants and needs. She was very accessible and helped him every step of the way. Kate provided weekly consults, essay editing, resume and application support, and made sure that all of his deadlines were met. We couldn't have done it without her help. Kate was our secret weapon!"

- Mother of Jackson, currently attending Carnegie Mellon


"Jenny’s knowledge of the college application process and her ability to connect with my daughter helped make applying to colleges a lot less stressful for both myself and my daughter. She guided Stephanie from the beginning, helping her narrow down schools that were a good match to reminding her of deadlines and proofing her essays. She was the first person my daughter called when she received her acceptance letter from her top choice school! I was so grateful for her experience and guidance during this overwhelming time."     - Mother of Stephanie, currently attending Franklin and Marshall

"Jenny's assistance made this whole process so much easier.  Having her as the objective counselor helped alleviate many of the household battles about what needed to be done, time-frames, etc.  She will be working with my younger son soon enough.  I will certainly recommend her to others."  

- Mother of David, currently attending Brown University


"Jenny was terrific. She was easy to work with and really simplified the overwhelming college application process.  She researched the application requirements for all the schools on my list and was a great resource as I narrowed down my college choices.  She offered strategies and tips to help me streamline my application essays and short answers, and helped me bring my activities to life.  It was great to work with her!" - Sam, currently enrolled at Vanderbilt University

"When I told Kate that I was interested in majoring in Pre-med she looked at all of the factors that would help me get into a good program.  She guided me towards a summer internship at a local hospital which really helped me build my resume.  She helped me choose the right high school classes for my senior year to increase my chances." - Mindy, currently majoring in Pre-med at Widener University

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"What I felt was so valuable about Kate and Jen's workshop was the fact that it gave so much information in an organized, comprehensive presentation.  They touched on everything of importance, and really took time to address questions and speak to people's individual concerns."   - Kim, High School Guidance Counselor

"Thanks, Jenny for making the process stress-free and easy as a parent from S. KOREA. Jenny took Jaime, my daughter, under her wings and guided her with which courses to take in high school, recommending tutors to help her with her SATs but the best was how she approached the college admissions process. I would have had to pay over $10,000 US dollars in Korea for a similar service but received only half of the support and help that Jenny provided. Everything was personalized for Jaime and our situation. Jenny really took the time to get to know Jaime and understand her needs. Advising us on course selections and college visits, as well as reviewing essays and completing applications, Jenny walked us through the complex process. She introduced Jaime to college in America that Jaime would never have considered on her own. She kept us on schedule, reminding us of deadlines for FAFSA and other important dates, she was only a phone call away when we had questions. I highly recommend to any parent with a child preparing for university." 

고등학교때 부터 컨설팅 받았는데 동아리부터 무슨과목을 들어야할지 잘 이끌어주셨어요. 제가 부족한부분에서는 따로 과외선생님도 직접알아봐주셔서 도움많이 됐던거같아요. 대학입시 준비할때는 대화를 많이 나누면서 에세이를 어떤식으로 쓰면 특색있고 좋을지 방향을 잘 이끌어주셨어요. 컨설턴트님이 정말 꼼꼼하셔서 대학입시준비외에도 도움많이받았어요. 외국분이라 미국대입과정도 한국학원들보다 더 잘아셔서 저같이 도움 필요하신 분한테 정말 추천드려요!

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