Finding the "right" school means identifying a college or university where a student can be successful academically, socially, and culturally.  College is a time of tremendous growth and change.  Choosing an environment that will foster growth on all fronts is crucial.  


At My Admissions Sherpa we specialize in helping kids identify what they want and need in a school and then creating a list of schools that meets those needs.  We guide our students through the search and application process and help them write amazing admissions essays that showcase their unique strengths and talents.  We answer questions that busy Guidance Counselors can't always get to  - questions about standardized testing, course selection, application submission, application strategy, etc.  We allow parents to engage in the process without being overburdened with the task of having to read countless books and articles to ensure they are giving their child the right advice.  In essence, we strive to make the process easier and more manageable by providing much needed support as kids work to attain new goals and levels of independence.  We have the best job in the world!  We love what we do and we truly believe in our students and our mission.BBB

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Applying to college is, unfortunately, much more complicated and competitive than it used to be.  High school students and their parents often feel overwhelmed by the task of learning how to navigate the process.  There are so many resources available online and in print that it is tough to know what to do what to do and when to do it.  Working with a private college admissions counselor can offer some much needed support by taking the guess-work out of the equation.  Experienced counselors have interviewed hundreds of admissions officers at colleges and universities all over the country. They know what each school is looking for, how to determine if a school will meet your unique list of wants and needs, and how to help you make yourself an attractive candidate for admission. They can help you select essay topics that will highlight your strengths, strategically choose due dates that will maximize your odds of acceptance and complete each phase of your applications in a timely fashion to avoid last minute overload as deadlines approach.  Strong counselors possess extensive experience in the field of admissions and also have a background in English to help students craft amazing essays. This enables them to guide students through the school selection, essay writing and application completion phases. And....college admissions counselors can make the process much less stressful! Think of it as having a seasoned pro on your team at all times who will make themselves available to answer your questions whenever you need them.

Kate and Jen have been helping kids navigate the college search and admissions process for over sixteen years.  Kate is a certified high school Guidance Counselor.  Jen has worked as a Private College Admissions Counselor since 2001.  Both know first hand just how stressful the college search and admissions process can be.  Their goal is to alleviate some of that stress and to provide guiding answers in real time for high school students and their parents. Their programs are designed to be practical, productive, and affordable.  They specifically cater to the needs of busy teens and their even busier parents.  They take great pleasure and pride in helping their students craft winning essays and applications to enable them to move on to the next phase: college life!

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