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What? The SAT & ACT are Cancelled?!!!!

Yes! Who would ever have thought it possible?! COVID 19 is introducing all sorts of "firsts" into our lives and in that regard is inviting us to become more flexible and adaptable. If you are one of the millions of kids across the country who prepped for MONTHS to take the SAT on March 14th or the ACT on April 4th you are not alone in your simultaneous relief and despair. So what now?

Well.....the good news is that you can still register to take the test later this spring. Please get online and sign up to test in June or July. Testing centers are already filling up - seats for these dates will be in high demand so register before they are all taken.

The word on the street is the Collegeboard and ACT may add an additional test date but so far no specific dates have been publicized. We will keep you posted as news becomes available.

Now to the REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!!! A cancelled test means that you have more time to prepare! Yay!!! While I am sure that most of you would rather lie around and watch Tiktoks, time spent preparing now will ensure that you are ready when test day actually arrives.

Checkout the free 15 minutes of test prep offered by the Collegeboard:

Another option is to sync your existing SAT or PSAT scores to Khan Academy and prep on your own. Check out this link that explains how to do this:

Future SAT and ACT Test Dates:

Future SAT Date: June 6th

Future ACT Dates: June 13th or July 18th

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