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No! The ACT is Cancelled AGAIN?!!!!!

Yes...sadly, it is true. Many testing centers across the country have cancelled the ACT for July. If you are one of the many frustrated rising seniors who has yet to test for the upcoming college application season, do not despair. Almost all colleges and universities are now offering test-optional admissions policies. The quote I have heard most often from admissions counselors is that students who do not submit test scores, "will not be penalized." Let's face it, the ACT and SAT are torturous at best. Most kids will be seriously relieved that they can't sit for the test this month. However, if you fall into the small minority of people who tend to perform well on standardized tests and you were hoping your scores would make your application stand out, you are probably rather upset.

There are few positive things to focus on in this situation. 1)You are not alone. The majority of rising seniors are in the same position so while you may not have test scores to submit this fall, neither will anyone else. 2) Postponing the test until the fall gives you more time to prepare which means that if and when are you able to test, you will most likely get a higher score. 3) The important thing to do is stay calm and focus on what you can control:

You CAN demonstrate interest in the schools on your list by doing virtual tours and information sessions. Schools are more likely to accept you if they know you have taken the time to learn about who they are and what they have to offer.

You CAN write a fantastic essay and prepare an application that highlights all your best qualities. Remember, your applications should market your best features as a candidate for admission.

You CAN study up this summer so that when the opportunity rolls around to FINALLY sit for the ACT you can get your best score ever!

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