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College Interviews: You've Got This!

Do you want to WOW the colleges on your wish list with how truly impressive you are? The interview is your chance to do just that.

If a college recommends an interview - GO. Your competition Is surely taking this opportunity to stand out among the thousands of other students applying to the same school. Information about interviewing is not always easy to find on school websites. If you don't see any mention of an admissions interview, call the school to find out. It is your responsibility to find out if you need to schedule an interview.

But if you really want to shine, PREPARE. This is not the time to wing it. There are countless resources on the internet that offer sample admissions interview questions. Take time to thoroughly go through the list and answer each question. Have an adult, counselor or friend provide you with a mock interview. Give a firm handshake and ditch the gum. Work on your posture. Sit up straight, smile, and exude confidence. Practice talking about your accomplishments without sounding cocky. Also learn about the school before you go. You want to be able to ask thoughtful questions about the programs, majors and activities that are available on campus. Essentially, you want to reflect the image of a confident student that has done their research, is able to be insightful, and is eager to become a part of the school community.

You don’t have to be an expert to put your best self forward in the college interview. Be natural. Be you. Remember all of the gifts that you have to offer and all of the ways you hope to grow intellectually and personally in college. You’ve got this!

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