Jen and Kate will:

  • Work with student to develop a list of schools that meets his/her unique wants and needs based on desired characteristics

  • Guide student through process of researching schools, arranging campus visits and scheduling interview appointments

  • Ensure college list includes Reach, Good Match, and Safety schools

  • Work with student to create a timeline specific to his/her unique schedule, admissions strategy, and school specific deadlines

  • Maximum Hours:  4



Jen and Kate will:

  • Work with student to complete one full length essay

  • Help student determine essay topic

  • Coach student through essay writing process

  • Read and provide feedback on up to three drafts of one essay

  • Maximum Hours: 4



This package offers the student up to 35 hours of support for up to seven college applications.  The services provided may vary and will cater specifically to the personal needs of each unique student. Services can:

  • Help the student refine his/her criteria for selecting schools that meet his/her individual


  • Assist the student in developing and narrowing down a list of prospective schools appropriate to student ability, preference and goals for the college selection process.

  • Do all pertinent research regarding schools, admissions policies, undergraduate programs, and student life issues.  Information will be relayed in a timely manner and will be presented as either a written summary or a comprehensive chart. Cursory research regarding college visitations can also be provided.  Travel arrangements must be made by individual families.

  • Show the student how to research schools independently.

  • Determine which schools accept the Common, Coalition, or school specific applications.  

  • Compile all writing supplements and streamline to minimize tasks.

  • Work with student to develop all application essays and short answer questions: determine topics, generate outlines, edit multiple drafts.

  • Offer guidance regarding standardized tests.

  • Make appropriate suggestions regarding supplemental material to be sent out with the student’s applications 

  • Help student write a resume of activities

  • Remind the student and parents of every deadline as it approaches....multiple times.

  • Prepare the student for interviews by conducting mock interviews.

  • This service includes up to 35 hours.  Additional hours are billed at $95.00 per hour.  The full service fee is paid in two installments, spaced equally from the commencement of services to November 1 of the student’s senior year.  Services will continue to be rendered until maximum number of hours is reached and or student completes the application process

  • If student has completed all applications for admission and has hours left, the remaining hours may be used towards scholarship and honors programs applications and essays.

  • Please note that students and their parents will select the services that effectively meet their needs but will not be able to take advantage of all services listed above in the given time frame

  • Jen and Kate are also available on an hourly basis without a formal agreement.

  • *This packages typically offers enough time to complete 7 applications.


This package offers up to 60 hours of support and includes all services listed in the Concierge Package.  This expanded time frame will provide a more comprehensive level of support than the Concierge Package.  


  • All services offered in Concierge Package

  • Assistance with up to 12 applications 

  • This options provides up to 60 hours of support



Services can also be offered on an hourly basis without a formal agreement. Consultations are billed at $95.00/hour.  A minimum of two hours is required.



Except in rare circumstances, Jen and Kate are not available by phone or email after 9pm, or on holidays.  Most meetings take place via phone or internet.  Occasional face to face meetings will take place in the evenings or on weekends at a mutually convenient location.  Please note the number of hours Jen and Kate spend working on a student’s applications is limited by the agreed upon terms. In the event that a student and family would like to add additional hours, Jen and Kate will bill them hourly.  Students are expected to complete assignments in between meetings.   Jeny And Kate will guide, support and assist students.  Jen and Kate will not write essays and resumes or fill out applications for students.  It is strongly recommended that students apply to a healthy selection of 'safety schools'.   Jen and Kate cannot guarantee admission into any specific school.